1. What is Ipanema Breeze Keratin?
Ipanema Breeze Keratin is an innovative Do it Yourself Keratin Hair Treatment that restores health to damaged hair, reducing volume and eliminating frizz and making the hair manageable. Leaving your hair with a silky and shiny look.
2. How long does the Treatment last?
The average time is about 90 days, depending on the condition of the hair, on how well the treatment was done, on how well the hair is maintained after the treatment, and on the number of washes and on the quality of the products used to wash the hair.
3. What types of hair can receive the treatment?
Any type of hair, regardless of its condition and whether it has been colored, chemically treated, permed or straightened.
4. What happens after the treatment is applied?
The use of gels, spray, mousse and other chemical products should be avoided during the first few days in order to prolong the duration of the treatment.
5. Can the hair be dyed after the treatment?
Yes, but we recommend to wait at least 2 weeks after the treatment. Preferably, the Keratin treatment should be done after the hair has been dyed.
6. How much is necessary to do a treatment?
About 2 ounces, depending on the quantity of the hair being treated.